You’ll find all the lottery results you could need right here then, so bookmark this page and keep checking back!

Singapore Pool Results

Here you can find the lottery results in Singapore and discover if you have been lucky enough to pick the right life-changing numbers!

You'll find all the lottery results you could need right here

Bookmark this Page and Keep Checking Back!

4D Results

Sunday 28th of April 2019


1st Prize


2nd Prize


3rd Prize


TOTO Results

Monday 25th of February 2019


Winning Numbers

Additional Numbers



Wednesday 3rd of July 2019


1st Prize


2nd Prize


3rd Prize


On each page you’ll find all the numbers for each game – the four digit numbers over at 4D lottery, the six number OTO results, and the Singapore Sweep! You’ll be able to see if you won the latest game, or check out previous numbers if you need historic information.

Why Play the Lottery?

But why play the lottery at all?

First of all, the lottery is just fun. Why is it fun? There might actually be an answer to that!

They provide challenge and escapism that doesn’t impact on our real lives.

Playing a computer game or a board game allows us to flex our grey matter and to solve problems without finding ourselves in any kind of danger.

Computer games in particular actually provide a type of ‘training’ that we can then apply to the real world, helping us to improve our reactions and to experience some excitement that you just can’t get from an office.

A lottery does something similar to a lesser degree – creating excitement and anticipation in a world where it’s often sorely lacking.

The Neurochemistry
of the Lottery

This sense of excitement is felt most acutely playing the lottery at the time when the numbers are about to be announced. This stimulates the release of neurotransmitters that make you feel excited and anticipatory and that provides a kind of ‘high’ that is highly addictive.

What’s particularly interesting about this in fact, is that it isn’t highly important even that you win the lottery. Research has found that the neurotransmitters and hormones released just prior to hearing the lottery results are actually stronger than those released when you find the results: even if you’ve won!

Play the lottery occasionally then and you get a moment once a week to feel excitement and anticipation that will bring your brain alive as though you had been given great news.

The Chance of Winning

Finally though, the big, obvious reason to play the lottery is that it means you might win! If you were to win the lottery, you would find that life would suddenly get a whole lot easier!

Does winning the lottery mean that all your problems suddenly disappear overnight? Of course not. And there’s no guarantee that money can make you happy, as we’ve all been told a million times.

BUT the lottery can certainly make you a whole lot less stressed by giving you fewer things to worry about. You can say goodbye to debt, to being unable to pay the bills, and to all those other financial pressures.

And then there’s the fact that winning the lottery can let you help other people – you could retire your parents to a beautiful home somewhere, or pay for your child’s tuition. Who wins if you win?

Winning the lottery also gives you more possibilities for adventure, travel, and experiences. Spend that money on beautiful holidays, on a bigger home, or on a passion project, and you’ll find that it really can inject meaning and joy into your life.

So what are you waiting for? Get playing and then check back here to find your results!