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TOTO Results

You can find The Singapore TOTO Results in the post below. Find out whether you are a winner and whether or not your life has changed for the better!

Latest Results

Latest TOTO Results

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Monday 25th of February 2019


Winning Numbers

Friday 22nd of February 2019


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Additional Number


TOTO Results

The Singapore TOTO lottery involves a total of 6 numbers, plus an additional ‘bonus’ number. These are drawn at random, with each number being 1 to 49.

To play, you will normally spend $1 and then choose the six numbers. Potentially, this could make those players millionaires overnight! The prize pool is established as 54% of sales for each draw, with $2.8 million invested in each game, and games played twice a week.

As the country of Singapore has 5.5 million people, this is no small game! The closest equivalent in other parts of the world is the Lotto.

What are the odds of winning the TOTO? Seeing as there are six numbers, each being 1-49, that means there are 49 to the power of six possible outcomes. That makes 13841287201 possible combinations and a 1 in 13,983,816 chance of winning.

Astronomical odds? Maybe. But as they say, you have to be in it to win it! What is more, is that you can still win big with just 5 or 4 numbers – especially if you get the bonus number too.

Result Above

Above, you will find the results for the Singapore TOTO including all six numbers and the bonus. You’ll also be able to find previous numbers if you want to look up older results by entering the date.

Should You Play the Lottery?

We’re often told that money can’t buy us happiness, and of course there’s a good chance that you’ll not win given those odds. So why play the lottery?

Well first, while money might not be able to make you ‘more happy’, money can make you less stressed. It’s easy to say that ‘money doesn’t buy happiness’ – but a lack of it can sure lead to misery if you’re struggling with debt and expensive bills. Money can even help you to get rid of work stress, as you don’t need that work to live and you can change career at any time without worrying about the repercussions!

Of course with games like the lottery there is another element at play here: that being the hope and promise

that playing the lottery offers. The idea is that when you play the lottery, you will be creating the possibility that you might win – which could change your life in a million amazing ways.

When you’ve had a bad day in the office, when you’re feeling the pinch, or when you’re daydreaming about all the things you’d like to do, playing the lottery offers hope and the possibility of a way out. Whether or not you actually win, having that possibility for success is a powerful factor and motivator that can make the long days seem less long and that can help you to make it through work with a smile on your face.

Meanwhile, playing the lottery gives you something to daydream about and lets you live out your dreams in your mind. This is something else that shouldn’t be overlooked – playing the lottery gives us a chance to dream and fantasize and this can be the best medicine sometimes.